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He bites down on his bottom lip and stands from his chair, taking long strides toward the edge of the bed. It was as if she were inviting him — coyly, but still with an air of confidence, displayed by her long…long legs and the way the sheets crumpled toward the center of heat. Law wanted to feel that heat.

"Not only are your naughty, but you are a cheater. What am I supposed to do with an obviously misbehaved young lady?"

    Her amber eyes were fixed on him, lips parted whilst she rested her weight on her left hand, leaning back slightly. Monet was liking this game of acting coy, and apparenly so did Law. Brushing away a strand of her lime green hair she spoke.

— ❝ Naughty? Cheater?❞ 

                       She questioned him, her voice soft, almost innocent before it acquired an amused hint as she continued.

— ❝ I haven’t even begun to be naughty or to cheat.

                                             What are you going to do by then?❞ 

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Anonymous: Law is already with another woman...

That was fast—

— ❝ Is he?❞ 

For a few seconds she remained silent, but finally spoke.


— ❝ . …If he is happy then I’m happy for him.❞ 

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A frown appears on the snail’s face. This entire phone call consisted of shit he didn’t want to hear and it was progressively getting worse. She had already done a number on his life — was she intent on creating a bigger dent? A low sigh escapes, coming out like a hiss into the receiver.

"You are sailing all the way to Drum Island to give birth? That is weeks worth of travel. What’s so important there that you’re going back to the first half of the Grand Line? Is this your way of telling me you don’t want me there?”

Charting a course so far back would require planning in advance. With only six months left, that planning would need to start soon. It went beyond inconvenient — it was illogical.  

"And my ship is not just ‘any’ pirate ship. You honestly think that I would allow the sub to stay under-equipped to handle a pregnant woman and a baby? I would change it to suit your needs. I’ve learned —."

Law stops himself there, lest the conversation take a turn to revisit the night she left him. It wasn’t worth irritating that wound at this time. “I don’t understand how you can say to me ‘don’t worry about it’, as if your medical care and overall well-being is none of my concern. Unless you were planning to … cease being pregnant, but considering you’re already planning to travel halfway around the worth for its birth, I think it’s fair to say that yes, it is fair for me to have concerns.”

         That conversation wasn’t going as planned and Monet was starting to rapidly get exhausted and annoyed. Yes, it was fair for Law to voice his concerns but she honestly didn’t have the patience to bear with them. Not this time.

— ❝ I am not one to beat around the bush. If I didn’t want you there I would tell you directly. I’ve called you because I want you to be there, and also to be a part of the baby’s life.❞ 

         Why couldn’t he understand? She could have chose not to call him and she wouldn’t be dealing with all that now. Didn’t he know that Drum had the best doctors in the world? She rubbed her her hand over her face. Her patience was running thin with all that.

Monet had thought about that, to cease being pregnant, but she had quickly discarded the option. She wasn’t able to have an abortion.

A tired sigh eluded her. The mere mention of the sub made her nauseous, and she wanted to finish the call. 

— ❝ What I mean with ‘don’t worry’ is that I’ve already planned it all and I am not expecting you to do anything, Law. I will call you weekly and keep you informed, and if something happens you’ll be the first one to know. If you want to know, of course.❞ 

                   But that was all. There was a pause in which she tried to forget about the nausea, and her eyes fell upon one of Barto’s crewmates. The one that was supposed to tell her when they were docked. 

Another sigh escaped her as she gestured the crewmate to hold on a second.

— ❝ I have to leave now, we are docked and I need a few things from town. I’ll call you in a few days, I promise.❞ 

                       And with that she finished the call.

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— ❝ T-thank you.❞ 

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Starter Sentences: Bleak Edition

"I'll kill you if you touch him/her/them again."
"If I can't have you, no one can."
"Any last words?"
"I want to hear you beg for your life."
"I hope you drown in your own blood!"
"I'm going to fucking tear you apart."
"How could you betray me like this?"
"You're right, I am mad - as a hatter."
"You've lost your mind!"
"I can't lose you again!"
"You sly dog, you caught me monologuing!"
"You're too late to save him/her/them."
"Curl up and die."
"I'm going to beat the shit out of you."
"I can't believe you would do this to me!"
"I trusted you, and you let me down."
"If you tell anyone about this, I'll kill you."
"This is it, the perfect crime."
"What if I told you that I never loved you?"
"Kill me. Just do it already."
"You have a knife? Well, I have a gun."
"Go ahead, hit me. I dare you."
"There's nothing you can do for him/her/them now."
"You're dead to me."
"If you don't obey me, I'm going to kill him/her/them."
"Spare my life, and I'll be your slave."
"I'm begging you, stop this right now."
"I can't breathe..."
"Stop it, you're hurting me!"
"Please don't do this..."
"I thought you loved me..."
"Who's it going to be? Me or him/her/them?"
"I'd rather die than let you hurt him/her/them!"
"I'd take a bullet for you, but you wouldn't do the same for me."
"Killing you is the only option!"
"Why would you do something like that?!"
"It's all over now!"
"No, I won't take this from you anymore."
"It's so dark and cold..."
"I don't feel a thing."
"Oh my God, there's so much blood!"
"This isn't brave, it's murder!"
"Don't kill me, please, I'm begging you."
"Please don't jump."
"Did you do this to yourself?"
"You're hurt..."
"How did you get these scars?"
"Let's make a deal. Your life for his/her/their life."
"Sacrifices must be made."
"I can't take this anymore!"
"You can't run from your problems like this..."
"Don't hurt him/her/them!"
"I won't let you do this to yourself."
"Next time you gamble, bet your own life."
"I thought I killed you!"
"He/she/they can't save you now."
"What will it take to break you?"
"Go ahead. Make my day."
"I can see your light beginning to fade."
"I'm going to make you watch him/her/them die."
"You're going to pay for making me cry."
"I can't wait to slit your throat."
"You're too weak to fight me now."
"I'll kill you, one way or another."
"Death is in the cards tonight."
"You're going to die slowly and painfully."
"Be mine or you will burn."
"I can't believe you actually fell for that!"
"You thought I loved you? I lied to you."
"I had to get close to you so I could kill you."
"I've had it with your shit!"
"Go ahead, beg all you want, I'm still going to kill you."
"I'm going to dump your body in the river."
"With friends like me, who needs enemies?"
"I'm going to make you suffer."
"He/she/they never loved you."
"I could knock you out with one punch."
"I am the devil incarnate."
"Fuck you, go die."
"I wish I didn't have to kill you."
"I've always hated you."
"You're never going to beat me."
"Crazy? You think I'm crazy?"
"I am your nemesis!"
"Do you really want to hurt me?"
"That really hurt!"
"I want you see you writhing in pain."
"He/she/they is/are dead! There's nothing you can do!"
"I'll see you in Hell."
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"I-it’s not boasting it’s morale building! It’s an integral part of my work and I’m sure Joker would be very pleased with my confidence."


"and you can forget it, cuz I don’t do apologies."

— ❝ It is boasting instead of being productive, and Joker would not be happy if he finds out you are wasting time.❞ 

— ❝ And in that case I am not cooking for you.❞ 

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While You Were Sleeping// Yukionnamonet & Kingofstolenhearts



"Hm, okay, this side of town it is" he responded, climbing into the drivers side, door closed, seatbelt buckled and engine rumbling as it should. There was no reason to question where she wanted to shop, she had her reasons, and if anything Law could probably guess what they were. 

Her ex husband lived on the other side of town. Too early to see him then. 


Ahhh Law hated that question, it often made him sound impossible, or troublesome to cook for, which yes… he was, his allergy was probably one of the most troublesome ones to date. “Ah erm I apologize ahead of schedule for this but… I’m allergic to yeast… and I’m not too fond of sour foods" Sour issue he could get around, he’d deal if she liked them there was always the take out option, but he would straight up need to be hospitalized should he ingest anything with yeast in it.

Putting the car into gear, he headed out of the drive and onto the road. “I do like fish and rice though, if that helps" He hoped that’d help, it wasn’t a wide range of things and he knew that, but he knew you could do a lot with fish, and rice well… nobody really hated rice did they? 

      Allergic to yeast? Well, there were still things that she could cook. Pasta, different kinds of rices… She just had to avoid baking, even if she loved to bake, but it was all good. Hopefully sooner than what she expected she’d have her own house and she would stop bothering him. 

She wasn’t a fan of the sour foods either, so there wasn’t any problem there. Thinking about the dinner she decided to get some salmon and cook it with vegetables and cinnamon basmati rice with golden raisins. In all honesty she had ben missing that meal for a long time and now that she had the chance to cook it she wouldn’t miss it. 

Monet started to think about other meals Law could like, and unless he had forgotten to mention something he disliked she could cook plenty of food he would probably enjoy.

— ❝ Don’t worry I know exactly what to cook tonight.❞ 

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Monet with palette 17 as requested by anon

Drawing her is always fun~

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Someday,I will catch her.

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