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There’s a glint in his eyes, partial surprise, though it’s something that lights up his face. “I would like that. I’d like that a lot.”

     The change in his face didn’t go unnoticed, but it made her feel guilty. He had hopes and she was planning to leave him. She definitely couldn’t feel good with it.

— ❝ We’ll be leaving around 5, so be ready okay?❞ 

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drtrafalgar replied to your post “I would like to spend the evening with you, if you’ll have me.”

I’d like to go, but do -you- want me to go?

— ❝ I'm okay with that.❞ 

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STORYTIME // Yukionnamonet & Kingofstolenhearts


                                              4:30pm, Snowbird Bookstore

Same place, same time, phone off, every other weekday, it was either that, or his little devil child would throw the largest fit since the grand diaper changing days.

Those were days Trafalgar Law would not soon forget. 

Chay, while being the most evil thing to ever come from him ever, was by far, the most adorable, a mop of blue-black hair that he DEMANDED never be cut -he would RUN from a pair of scissors as if they were deadly poison-, golden eyes which said hair almost covered entirely and a healthy tan to his skin, not as dark as Law’s but the 8 year old definitely took after his father in appearance.

If Law were honest, and he wouldn’t be outloud as who KNOWS what evil the kid would get up too if he knew, he really couldn’t say no to those golden eyes when the water works turned on, so when he gained a fondness for Miss Monet’s after-school reading corner in a small book store in town… it was just one of the many things Law catered too. 

No matter how out of place the GP looked amongst the few mothers that attended with their children, luckily many of them he knew, so it wasn’t too difficult to keep himself occupied while watching his child make the store owner believe he was the most adorable little angel since ever. Discussing their children’s health, occasional flirting which he caught, pretended to miss yet actually ignored, most of them were married, hell even making the odd appointment to be added to the books at a later date, they knew he’d speak to the reception at the practice and add them in. 

Later he knew he’d have a hyperactive little sprog, going on and on, Miss Monet this, Miss Monet that, he had yet to speak to this woman in anything other than the passing hello and goodbye but apparently she was the single most amazing person on the planet. If he went by his son’s descriptions of course.

She was good with kids… he’d give her that, impeccably patient, even his evil spawn of Satan acted like a little angel around her, he found himself watching more and more often just to gain tips.

Really the child’s mother would have been a wonderful help, Chay… while male himself, didnt really take to men, women brought out the good kid in him where Law just failed horrendously.

But Chay’s mother, a woman named Talia if Law remembered correctly… hell if that was even her name… hadn’t been the greatest woman in the world, a drunken one night stand which had landed Law with a kid on his doorstep after 9 and a half months of hearing nothing from her. He hadn’t seen her since either. 

A+ parenting.

He couldn’t necessarily get rid of the child either, well he could… but he didnt, gave up drinking, smoking and all manner of bad habits the second that child popped into his life to stay, gained a proper job with his medical degree and actually got himself a home to raise the child in. 

Everything was going swimmingly, until he turned out to be a little man hating demon from hell. Really he should invest in acting classes, his boy was good


Story time over and done with, all children but his demon filing back to their mothers while his stayed behind to bother the store owner with questions, possibly about the book, he didnt know he just knew the kid knew they had nowhere better to be therefore took extra advantage of it.

Bidding the other parents a quick goodbye, Law stood from his school chair like seat and headed on over to the young woman whom so patiently dealt with his boy. 


Chay… c’mon it’s time to go…


I’m ta~lking dad. Ru~de >

And that there was the veil lifted, back to evil demon it was then. 

       To deal with kids, even troublesome kids, had always been a skill of her. Maybe it was all the years of training with her brother, maybe dealing with the rest of the kids of her crazy family, she couldn’t exactly place the moment in which she had developed such skill. 

She was a pretty woman, and thus the little girls used to think that she was an actual princess, which most of the time ended up with her blushing when the girls introduced her to their parents saying that she was once, under the logic of ‘she’s as pretty as a princess’, and thus Monet blushed helplessly. 

Kids, even the most rebellious ones, were able to sit during the whole narration of a book, paying attention to each one of her words, imagining the scenery her sweet tone described, and remaining in the most absolute of silences whilst she read. 

The kids adored her and so did the parents. She was always there to give advice if some parent needed it, or she simply listened to their problems. How charming and good with kids she was was known in the neighbourhood and part of the city, and even if she was offered to work in schools, she refused to. Monet preferred the humility and stillness of her bookstore.

A smile stretched her lips when one of the kids waited patiently to the very end to ask her something. It was rather normal for the kids to have questions after a reading, and she was there to answer them all the best she could. Once the kids were done with the questions that little boy got closer. Chay was adorable. Apparently naughty with the other kids, but he had always been adorable with her.

She listened to his questions, answering them the best she could, with that smile still present on his face, but when the dad told the kid to go and he answered like that she couldn’t help herself and a warm laugh eluded her.

— ❝ It’s okay, Chay, you can continue asking me questions tomorrow.❞ 

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drtrafalgar: <presents with a rose bouquet consisting of three red, two orange and two white, three lilac and finally a single pink.> I would like to spend the evening with you, if you'll have me.

     Her eyes twinkled at the sight of those flowers, and inmediately she wondered if he knew the meaning of those colors or if he had simply picked the flowers at random and offered her the bouquet. 

Red roses that said «I love you », orange roses that meant desire, enthusiasm and fascination, white roses that spoke of truth and humility, lilac meant love at first sight or enchantment, and the single pink one meant admiration and appreciation. 

Red roses and white roses together had always meant unity… or an engagement, and for a single second the thought of Law proposing her that night crossed her mind and she felt awkward. That would be a situation she had to avoid.

But then she thought about the chance that Law actually knew the meaning of the flowers and, even if he was a smart man, she didn’t see him getting interested in what could a red, orange or pink rose mean, but just in case, she’d be wary.

Delicately she grabbed the bouquet from his hands, smelling the wonderful scent before her gaze returned to him. 

— ❝ Thank you, this roses are beautiful…. And this evening? I’ve promised Bepo to go with him to the other side of the island. Apparently there’s gonna be a fireworks spectacle and dancing.. but you can come if you want to.❞ 

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do you want Law to be Muse A or Muse B?


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needlessneccesities: I'll be seeing you soon then, Monet~

— ❝ See you, sis.❞ 

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kingofstolenhearts: hey... hey Cyn... now i know we have a ton of threads... all of them unfinished BUT.... that bookstore AU looks adorable 8'D

I owe you 6546546584685 threads but——

*v*!! you can start writing the starter like rn. 

# outofsnow # I'm so hella slow and I lose interest in things easily >.>'. Like I love those threads and everything and I will reply # but after my exams and stuff # BUT I WILL REPLY # kingofstolenhearts # Query
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single parent au, where muse a has a child out of wedlock, and muse b is really cute bookstore owner. muse b has story corner readings for kids. muse a’s little one insists on going every week, and mommy/daddy can’t really say they mind.

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