Anonymous: Your 'man' is already asking complete strangers for a birthday blowjob.

It felt like if the nausea had returned, but this time it was for a complete different reason. Her lips pressed into a thin line and her features darkened. 

It shouldn’t bother her, but for some reason it did.

— ❝ I see…❞ 

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Neighbours // Yukionnamonet & Scarredagentofjustice


Leaving the apartment block, Lucci took a quick sweep of the surrounding area, spotting the retreating blonde just down the way, the pavement wasn’t exactly crowded either, so the grumpy gait he’d adopted was pretty obvious to the officer. 

He didnt take much notice of the pleased feeling that gave him, a snort of laughter escaping him before he began his trek in the opposite direction towards the local Chinese.

Whether or not he’d be seeing the blonde again was uncertain, however he most definitely wasn’t inclined to sharing. 


A weight on his left shoulder was what brought him out of his thought process, a soft questioning coo beside his ear which had him reaching into his pocket for the pack of sunflower seeds he kept for this insanely trusting pigeon. He’d been seeing this little guy a lot lately, pure white, possibly part dove considering how well behaved he was, always happy to see those seeds Lucci had taken to keeping with him, and always happy to receive the soft rubs to his wings whenever he showed up on his balcony. 

He only seemed to leave him be when indoors or at work… really Lucci wouldn’t mind having him around but Paka wasn’t necessarily trust worthy with birds, and since they were high up, he didnt want his extremely expensive cat jumping off the balcony after him. 

The bird was quick to scatter during his trip into the takeaway, waiting atop the door hang for him to come back out again. He’d yet to actually tell Monet about his little hitch hiker, sure the bird had made an appearance once or twice on his balcony but he hadn’t told her the thing was practically stalking him. Maybe she could take him in? He seemed tame… far too trusting of humans to be born wild. 

Warm bag in hand, other casually feeding his feathered friend sunflower seeds as he walked back to the apartment building, the bird disappeared once again when he neared it, if only he’d go inside… 

Lucci waited for about 5 minutes before entering the elevator, it’d been just about enough time for her to get dried and dressed, no repeat of last time thank you very much, whether he’d denied it or not it’d been awkward for hours last time. Up to the top floor, bee line to her apartment his arrival announced only by


I’m being stalked by a pigeon." No time like the present. 

A small laughter left her. That had to be the weirdest thing he ever said to greet her.

— ❝ Being stalked? What on earth…❞ 

        She smiled, amused, whilst she reached for the plates, teal porcelain plates because she just couldn’t have the normal white ones. She displayed two large trays made of dark wood to take all the food to Lucci’s apartment. Monet reached out for the bag of chinese food before he attempted to help her. The unspoken deal was clear. He went to the restaurant to get the food and she prepared it in plates, independently of where they had lunch or dinner that day. That was the reason why Lucci’s dinnerware had been barely used since they found out they got along wonderfully.

— ❝ Is it a normal pigeon? Maybe someone lost it and you look exactly like its former owner…❞ 

            The idea of Lucci with a pigeon following him in the streets was pretty funny in her head. Next time she’d consider stalking from the window. The food was promptly served on the plates. Monet put a glass of fine crystal on each tray.

— ❝ Yesterday I was gifted with a very good Merlôt that I’m sure you’d appreciate.❞ 

              He brought a nice dinner for a fine wine, so it was just natural to offer.

— ❝ I do have Chardonnay too.❞ 

           She uttered,  thinking about the wines she had at home. She probably had also a Cabernet Sauvignon if he didn’t like Merlôt too much.

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Happy (late) Birthday melonroll! ♥♥♥

I’m 2 days late, I hope you can forgive me! QuQ I didn’t really know what to draw for you (except MarAce but I’m like always drawing it XD) so I thought I’d go with those two… hope you like it ;u;

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While You Were Sleeping// Yukionnamonet & Kingofstolenhearts



Hm… “okay… as long as you arent bored within a few days of being there…" he’d get in touch with her ex husband to get some more of her things, he knew she had a laptop somewhere, why it hadn’t been with her things he’d brought Law didnt know. Apparently she wrote books…

If she wanted to write at the house though it’d mean buying writing pads, pens, Law didnt exactly have them handy in the house, really it was just a place he slept… he’d yet to really turn it into a home.

Perhaps now was a good a time as any. 


Also, I’ve made arrangements for you to join me at the local gym for physiotherapy… it’d save you having to go to the hospital once every week for couple of months, I hope you don’t mind" she could of course chose the day in the week, it was merely a precaution, free gym trips on his membership. She’d been under life support for a long time, immobile, muscle that she had before the coma had been lost, he’d been surprised that she could even stand up straight away without the use of crutches.

Backing into a spot in the parking lot, Law cut the engine “well here we are" Man he had not been shopping with a woman in a while, last time he had they’d ended up arguing in the middle of an isle over whether or not a bouquet of flowers was really necessary. It wasn’t.

She broke up with him not long after. His wallet had been so much happier since. 

— ❝ Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find something to do.❞ 

                  She replied, giving him a weak smile.
Having the chance to gym again was something she would definitely be grateful for, along with not sleeping in the open because her ex husband decided to be a complete asshole. After months of being in a comatose state she had lost a lot of muscle and tone and as result she looked veryskinny. She had always been athletic, with a generous bosom and defined legs and arms, now with all that muscle gone and after all that time in that hospital’s bed her skin tone was even paler than usual, that white that she knew that she should start using sunscreen or she’d get an awful sunburn.

— ❝ Oh, thank you very much…❞ 

     Her amber hues looked as she entered the groceries. He was being so kind that she started to feel bad about all that again. Monet shooked her head mentally. She was going to cook for him everyday until she left his house, wasn’t that enough? Maybe it wasn’t, but she’d find the way to thank him for all he did eventually.

— ❝ At what time do you have to go back to the hospital today?❞ 

           She suddenly asked. If he had to return soon she’d rush shopping and cooking that afternoon.

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2. The sex toy under their bed


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    Is that my vibrator you are holding there? Can you please not touch the contents in my box?

— ❝ Then can you please not leave your box on the couch? Thanks.❞ 

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Neighbours // Yukionnamonet & Scarredagentofjustice



You look after Paka while I do the dash then

Quickly placing his coffee on the table inside his apartment just to the right of the open front door, he didnt wait for her order, he already knew it. He was in charge of takeaway runs, coffee shop choices, and the occasional work out regime, she was in charge of cooking, decorating, video game choices and movies, it was how it worked, they never argued, never fought… their little arrangement worked perfectly. 

It worked so perfectly that Lucci had probably memorized how long it took her to dry that mass of hair and dress by now, having to keep it in mind when he heard the shower running, just to make sure he never walked in on her half naked, one time had been enough and boy had he gotten an eyeful, had immediately apologised and headed directly back the way he came.

They hadn’t spoken of that since, and he was stoic enough so that it’d never really bothered him. 

It was as if the blonde had never actually been there, already heading for the elevator, Lucci intended to act like he hadn’t, quite content to forget the man actually existed. 


Want extra prawn crackers?" he asked over his shoulder, finger already pressing the button for the elevator, which had carted off her blonde friend just a moment before. Would he even be out the building yet? Hopefully. 

— ❝ Sure, bring a few.❞ 


 She uttered as she headed towards her bedroom. If the restaurant wasn’t too busy Lucci would be back in twenty or twenty five minutes, enough time for her to dry her hair and get dressed. She took of the towel, throwing it into the basket of the clothes she should be washing next day, the sheets of that night included, once she heard how the elevator doors closed. It wasn’t like if  Lucci had never seen her naked before. Monet remembered the day in which he found her half naked and an amused smile spread through her lips. He was, indeed, a true gentleman.

Back into her spacious bedroom Monet opened the drawers, chosing turquoise laced knickers and a matching bra that she put on. She chose purple sheets and made the bed and placed the cushions on their proper places. She loved to have everything clean and perfectly organized. Once in the closet she picked an emerald green  velvet jumpsuit, the comfiest of all clothing to be at home, and a white tank top. She got dressed in a matter of seconds, not even worried about what Paka could have been doing since he was a very well behaved feline. 

Blowdrying her head took roughly fifteen to twenty minutes, so by the time Lucci was back she was already waiting, washing the coffee mugs he brought for breakfast.

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I am back and slowly replying to threads. I will queue them all and they’ll be posted within the next 3-4 days. 

Askbox is open for plotting and random a stuff as always c:

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It was being one of those odd restless nights in which she could only get a really light sleep, moving constantly in bed because there was no way she could be comfortable. Her pregnancy was already noticeable. She still wondered if it was normal to be suffering from that lower back pain already—she had to ask the doctor next time. She would ask Law, but that would only worry him and he might start again with the whole ‘your brother’s ship is not as prepared as mine to have a pregnant woman’.
She turned again on the bed. Barto let her sleep on his quarters since it was the biggest and it had a private bathroom. The night was calmed, clear skies and a full moon that illuminated partially the room. Cold or hot outside, it really didn’t matter for her, but it was a nice summer night, perfect temperature for most. The crew was asleep, and the only noise she could hear see the sea waves caressing the ship slowly.
The sound of the den den mushi made her eyes open instantly. Normal thing to think at such late hour was there something bad had happened, and worried she stood up, wearing a long silk camisole, to answer the call. Only two people had that number. Five and Law, but something told her that it wasn’t her sister.
“Law?” she asked, her voice low, confused,but she didn’t even try to hide the worry on it. If he was calling at that time couldn’t mean anything good. She felt nervous awaiting for his reply, and an unwelcome fear fell upon her shoulders. What if he was in trouble?

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Hiatus until the 15th.



I’m off to conquer Europe.

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